Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Of DFW

Temple Projects

Please see the list of projects planned in 2024 and beyond. Thank you for your continued support with your generous and voluntary contributions.

Project 1: Parking Lot Expansion to provide 86 additional spaces

Timeline: By Jun 2024

Estimated Cost: $200,000 (construction, landscaping & permitting fees)

Justification: Currently, the temple has approximately 127 parking spaces (as shown below) including the ones for handicap access and parking on the west of the temple. Given the steady increase in devotees visiting the temple on Thursdays and festival days, we are having to use additional parking located at Republic Title. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to our devotees.

Status: This project has been designed by our architect and site plans have been submitted and approved by the City of Plano. General Contractor selection to execute this project is currently underway. Contract will be awarded by April and the project is scheduled to be completed by Jun 2024. 

Project 2: New Carport for Vaahana/Vehicle Puja

Timeline: Completed Mar 2024

Estimate Cost: $15,000

Justification: Currently, our priests are performing vaahana or vehicle puja based on devotee need/request on the west side of the temple parking lot (towards Republic Title building). It becomes challenging to perform this puja during severe weather conditions (cold winters and hot summers months). The proposed carport will have covered space or enclosure (top and sides) to help with weather conditions.

Status: This project has been designed by our architect and site plans have been approved by the City of Plano. This project is now completed and the carport is now being used for services.

Carport picture upon completion

Project 3: Vasthu Sthanas

Timeline: Dec 2024

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Justification: Back in 2019, during the construction of our new temple, our Vasthu consultant had suggested the installation of 4 specific deities in designated locations for the continued welfare and growth of the temple. Due to other priorities and budget constraints, we were unable to execute this project at that time. 

Status: This project has been conceptually designed by our architect and site plans have been submitted to the City of Plano for their review and approval. Hanuman ji will be placed on the North-West corner (Point #1) with the deity facing east, Dhana Lakshmi ji will be located in the North-East corner (Point #2) with the deity facing south, Ganesha ji will be located in the South-West corner (Point #3) with the deity facing east and Subramanya or Karthikeya ji in the South-East corner (point #4) with the deity facing north. Our Vastu consultant has custom designed these 4 idols back in 2019 and the idols were sculpted in India according to his specifications. We have received these Vastu idols and this project will be launched as soon as we get city approval. 

Project 4: Fencing and Gate

Timeline: By Dec 2024

Estimated Cost: $200,000

Justification: Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple of DFW is looking to secure its premises/property line as part as security improvement plan. Recently, in Feb 2024 the temple had an intrusion where burglars broke into the temple from the main door and quickly walked away with our main mandir and Gurusthan Hundi.  The plan is to install commercial fence along the south and west side of the property. Approximately 480ft (linear feet) north-south on the west side and 570ft east-west on the south side. Add sliding gates at the 3 entrances to the property as shown in the picture below. 

Status: The Statement of Work (SOW) for this project has been drafted and approved. A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued to potential contractors in the DFW Metroplex. Currently, proposals are being evaluated for consideration. Once a contractor is down selected and finalized, an execution contract will be completed. Project is scheduled to be completed by Dec 2024. 

Other Major Projects in the Pipeline:

  1. Gopuram and Temple Indianization – Estimated Budget = $400,000; Tentative Timeline = 2024
    • Add Shirdi style main gopuram
    • Other required small gopurams
    • Indianization
  2. Prasaadalayam and Community Event Hall – Estimated Budget = $4,000,000; Timeline = TBD
    • Large event hall to host community and cultural events
    • Large kitchen to prepare prasadam
    • Multipurpose hall for dining