Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Of DFW

Temple Bhajan Guidelines

Sairam, this document provides guidance for performing bhajans in the temple. All bhajan singers, bhajan followers and devotees are requested to adhere to these guidelines to provide the best bhajan experience.

  1.  All bhajan singers and musicians are requested to be present in the Temple prior to start time, so bhajans can be determined and sequenced to provide a seamless bhajan session.
  2. For bhajan singers coming for the first time, they need to arrive prior to start time, connect with the Bhajan coordinator (Singer) to familiarize the format and ability to follow it.
  3. Bhajan singers coming after the bhajans have started, need to talk to the temple Bhajan In-charge (BOD) to get proper guidance on participating in bhajans.
  4. All bhajan singers need to understand the proper format to make it easier for the rest of the musicians and followers. Please follow proper ragam (tune) and thalam (beat) so the musicians can accompany Bhajans. It is recommended to observe at least one bhajan to reconfirm the format prior to singing.
  5. Bhajans should be simple in nature and can be sung in any language. Typical bhajans are short and do not exceed 5 minutes. The lead singer will sing a line that will be followed by others in bhajan session. Please click here for sample bhajan. Note, in this sample audio, the first line of the bhajan is sung twice. However, during Thursdays we sign the first line one time. 
  6. Solo bhajans, kirthans, classical and carnatic type of singing is not allowed during the scheduled bhajan sessions. However, they can be offered in Baba Temple at different times provided no scheduled activity is happening at that time. Please talk to Bhajan In-charge or volunteer on duty for further details.
  7. If adequate singers are already available at the starting of bhajan session, additional singers coming during the Bhajan session may not get opportunity to sing in that bhajan session.
  8. Last 15 minutes of Bhajan session are reserved for closing bhajans and Shanti Mantras. Bhajans are allowed only till that point. Once you sing your bhajan, you are required to stay back until the end of the session as a mark of respect to Baba and other singers.
  9. All bhajan singers will sit in front 3 rows. Men/boys sit on the left side (Dwarakamayi side) and ladies/girls sit on the right side (Chavadi side). Bhajan followers and devotees are also required to follow the same seating pattern for the duration of the bhajan sessions. Udi will be given to everyone after the bhajan session concludes.

Currently scheduled* Bhajan sessions are:

Thursdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm

2nd 4th Saturdays 7:00pm – 8:00pm

* Check Temple calendar for latest times

Updated: Jun 2023