Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Of DFW

Temple Downstairs Facility Rental Use Request

Temple has the following facilities available for rental use. Refer to Table 1 below for rental rates to use our facilities. Please download the Downstairs Facility Rental Use Request form and submit to Allow up to 2 weeks for your request to be reviewed and approved.

Click Here To Download Temple Downstairs Facility Rental Use Request Form

Upstairs – Dwarakamai/Chavadi – 25 people maximum (Note: Rental Request Form is not needed for this option). Please send your request to

  • Hall Size: 18ft x 30ft
  • Stage Dimensions: N/A
  • Audio System: N/A
  • Seating Availability: 10 Chairs, 15 floor mats (approximately)
Chavadi - View from East

Downstairs Event Hall – 200 people maximum (Note: Temple Downstairs Rental Request Form is required for this option)

  • Hall Size: 40ft x 80ft
  • Stage Dimensions: 33ft wide x 22ft deep
  • Audio System: Beringer 16 Channel 800W output, 4 Shure Wireless Mics, 4 AKG Wired Mics
  • Seating Availability: 200 Chairs, 125 Floor Mats (approximately)
  • Others: 4 tables (6ft x 2ft)
Stage/East View
West View

Downstairs Classroom 1 – 30 people maximum (Note: Temple Downstairs Rental Request Form is required for this option)

  • Hall Size: 17ft x 34ft
  • Stage Dimensions: N/A
  • Audio System: N/A
  • Seating Availability: 20 chairs and 10 floor mats (approximately)
  • Others: 4 tables (6ft x 2ft)
View from South Side
View rom North Side

Downstairs Classroom 2 – 15 people maximum (Note: Temple Downstairs Rental Request Form is required for this option)

  • Hall Size: 15ft x 23ft
  • Stage Dimension: N/A
  • Audio System: N/A
  • Seating Availability: 10 Chairs, 5 floor mats (approximately)
  • Others: 4 Tables (6ft x 2ft)
View from North Side

Instructions/Guidelines for Facility Use

  1. The temple facility is available for use upon approval. The event should be Community, Cultural, Devotional, Literary, Religious, and Spiritual in nature for it to be considered for approval. Reservations are taken up to 180 days for the “Downstairs Event Hall” and 45 days for “Classrooms 1 & 2” in advance, on a first come basis. The facility can be used on a “As Is Basis”. No professional decorations from outside vendors will be permitted. Simple permitted decors including backdrop, flower décor etc., may be approved upon review.
  2. The downstairs facilities are only available during temple opening hours from 8.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm on Sat; 8.30am to 9pm on Sun and from 6pm to 9pm (3hrs) on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri. Downstairs facilities are NOT available on Thursdays and during temple events.
  3. Fundraising is NOT permitted during your event and money cannot be collected in the facility or outside.
  4. Downstairs Event Hall and Classrooms are available depending upon the event. Typical events allowed include, pujas, spiritual discourses, yoga, meditation, vocal and dance arangetrams, Namakaran, Aksharabhayasam, Annaprasan, Half saree/dhoti, Upanayanam, Sasthiabthapurthi, Sadabishekam etc. However, temple will not allow any homas or havan as we don’t have the infrastructure to exhaust.
  5. Downstairs Event Hall rental will get access to Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 at no additional cost. Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 can be rented individually.
  6. Downstairs Event Hall has an audio system with 8 mics, 125 chairs, 4 tables and 100 mats. No performance style stage lighting is available. All other items are for temple use only and are NOT available for rental/use. Simple LED style low/medium power lighting for decorations or video recording may be used upon review and approval.
  7. The kitchen is not available and is not included with the reservation. This includes storage of any items inside the kitchen or in the refrigerators. Any type of cooking including rice cookers are not permitted in the temple. Catering of outside food is allowed as long it is vegetarian in nature.
  8. During your event, access to the restroom must be provided to devotees visiting the temple.
  9. Temple priest services are available and can be used to perform all rituals where needed. A separate fee will be charged for use of priest services in addition to facilities rental (see point 14). Priest dakshina/sambavana is NOT included in priest services fee and must be given directly to the priest upon conclusion of the event.
  10. Please ensure that your event does not disturb the normal temple operations.
  11. A non-refundable deposit (50% of the cost) is required at the time of approval. The remaining 50% must be paid at least 1 week prior to the event. If you cancel your reservation with 14 days left for the event, you will forfeit the entire non-refundable deposit. Cancellation with less than 7 days of the event, you will lose the entire payment made until then.
  12. A refundable security deposit will be collected during all reservations per table below and will be returned in full if there is no damage and the place is organized and returned clean at the end of the event. All trash must be collected and removed properly. The Facility including chairs, mats and tables should be returned to its original condition. If items used are not put back in their original location, a fee will be charged based on the effort needed to organize and will be deducted from the security deposit. If the temple incurs damages more than the security deposit collected, it will be recovered from the requestor responsible for the reservation. The security deposit will be returned within 2 weeks after the completion of the event.
  13. Please visit our website at to make your payment to confirm and secure your reservation.
  14. Priest Services fee is based on the services provided as given below and is in addition to the facility rental fee given below Rental Charts (Table 1 & 2).
  15. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba temple of DFW reserves the right to refuse downstairs rentals services at any time.

Please write “#Event #Requestor Name #Date” in the memo section for tax receipt purposes. All cash donations should be in an envelope with “#Event #Requestor Name #Date” written on top. This will also help us to track the payments made for the event and any applicable refunds could be executed without delays.

Sathyanarayana/Sai Satya Vrata Puja – $252

Upanayanam – $351

Seemantham – $153

Shastipurthi/Sadabhishekam – $351

Wedding –         $504

All other pujas – $252

Updated: Oct 2023