Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Of DFW


  2. Please seek consent from the volunteer on duty prior to assisting in any temple duties/activities.
  3. Pets are not allowed inside the temple.
  4. Please place your footwear properly in the shoe rack. Do not leave shoes outside or near the entrance.
  5. Please clean your hands with sanitizer prior to entering the Mandir.
  6. Please adhere to appropriate dress code at all times.
    • No shorts for men and boys. You will be asked to wear a dothi on top to cover your shorts.
    • No short skirts for women and girls.
    • No specific restriction for kids.
  7. Please put all donations in hundi (cash/check). All checks are payable to “Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of DFW“.
  8. Please do not bring uncooked food as offering unless it is for annadhan/food pantry (includes lentils, rice, oil, ghee). Cooked prasadam will be accepted at all times. Refrain from bringing leftover or offered food as prasadam to the temple.
  9. Please leave the books back in the library shelf after reading. Do not remove from the temple.
  10. Please return aarti books/sheets after use. An English version is available from the temple if needed.
  11. Do not post or write anything on the main notice boards. This is for Temple Use Only.
  12. Please do not eat in the main mandir area.
  13. Please avoid using cell phones inside the temple as it could disrupt devotees/activity.
  14. Baba’s darshan closes after Shej aarti. Baba pradakshina will be closed at 9pm.
  15. For suggestions and comments, please use the contact form.
  16. Distribution of flyers or pamphlets of other outside organizations is strictly prohibited.
  17. Posting on the notice board is limited to non-profit or charitable organizations. All other community related postings should be reviewed and approved by the board prior to posting. However, the temple does not endorse any such postings on this notice board.
  18. Temple premises can be used by its devotees for religious purposes only and requires prior approval of the board. It should not conflict with any existing or future temple activities. A separate set of guidelines for private use of temple premises should be followed. You may bring pictures/idols/posters to the temple for use during such sessions and must be removed from the temple on conclusion of the event.
  19. Please refrain from bringing any old used pictures/idols/posters to the temple for disposition.
  20. The temple venue shall not be used to conduct business, publicity, and/or outside organizational meetings.
  21. Solicitation of any kind inside the temple premises is strictly prohibited. This includes selling and distribution of any printed materials, books and collection of donation/dues, phone numbers/email addresses not related to the temple.
  22. All temple events will take precedence over all other activities at all times.
  23. The temple reserves the right to change/modify/revise these guidelines with or without prior notice.

Updated: Jun 2023