Sai Baba Idol Updates

Shirdi Sai Baba Idol Updates
Current Status: Baba's idol was received at Plano on Thursday 14th Decemeber, 2017. Baba's Idol was moved to new temple Alter on Friday 15th June, 2018.

Previous Status: With Baba’s grace and blessings, Baba idol (for new Temple) inspection was performed by all 9 Board of Directors on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at Thalim Art Studios in Mumbai. The idol looked good and passed inspection criteria. Minor cosmetic touch ups were recommended prior to shipment. Sri Thalim (sculptor) completed all the suggested touch ups and polished the idol the same day. Idol was later transported to Shirdi and a special puja was performed on Monday 25th September, 2017 by Shirdi Sansthan priest Sri Chandra Kanth Borekar in the presence of all our Temple Board of Directors, Shirdi Sansthan Ex.Trustee Dr.Gondukar, Shirdi Sansthan Administration Representative Sri Rajendra Jagtap and Sri Rajiv Thalim. After the puja, the idol was packaged and handed over to the freight clearing and forwarding agents. Container boarded Northern Javelin vessel on October 8th and will be arriving USA by mid November 2017.

2016 Update: Baba Idol inspection was completed and during the inspection grey sand lines and heterogeneous material formations were observed and they appeared in the last stages of carving. Hence it is decided to procure new marble block to carve new Idol. Talim (our Sculptor) started procuring marble block from Carrara quarries, Italy. Procurement of new marble block started in Dec 2016 and will be reaching Bombay by end of February 2017. Total lead time will be 4-5 months from the time block reaches Bombay port.

Shirdi Sai Baba is an embodiment of perfection, love and righteousness. The magnetic pull of Baba is felt by all those who merely think of Him and particularly do Darshan of Baba idol in Shirdi.

With His blessings Dallas is going to witness a Baba idol similar to what is presently blessing all of us from Samadhi mandir in Shirdi. The marble for this idol has chosen from the exact same quarry in Italy from where the marble for original Baba idol in Shirdi was chosen. This idol is also being carved by Rajiv Talim whose grandfather Late B.V.Talim has carved the original Baba idol in Shirdi. It is going to be a beautiful life size Baba idol and we all are fortunate to be part of this.

Aaarambha puja:

With the grace of Shri Sai Baba, Sri Rajeev Thalim will begin the epic event of sculpting the idol for the new temple on Thursday Feb 20th 2014 (Morning IST) i.e., Feb 19th 2014(Evening 7PM CST). We would like to invite you with your family and friends to join us for a prayer session and to seek Lord?s blessings for a successful sculpting of Baba?s idol.. Details

Recurring events:
The following recurring events are planned while Baba Idol is being sculpted.
  • Sri Sai Koti Nama likhita Yagam : This is writing ?Om Sri Sai Ram? on a paper in the Sai Koti Books. This can be done either in temple or at home. Log sheet will track who is writing Sai Koti for Temple Construction. We will ask people to bring completed ones to temple once they complete. All books with their names, Gotram and family names and prayers will be kept under Baba idol at the time of Temple construction. Minimum ? 1 Crore times. For details contact us.
  • Sri Sai koti Nama Japa Yagam : This is chanting ?Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namaha? for the benefit of temple construction.This can be done either in temple or at home. Tracking sheets will track who is Chanting Sai Namam for Temple Construction.Information on how to chant along with log sheet given to devotees on request.We will ask people to bring completed log sheets to temple once they complete. For details contact us.
  • Satcharitra Reading : Sankalpam before starting Satcharitra everyday.Every day at least one chapter who ever come to Temple can read, Whoever reads Satcharithra enter chapter name and their name logbook. We can drop this log book in temples foundation. For details contact us.
  • Sai Chitra yatra/Sai Bhajans :Bhajan request can be made on website or in temple for 1st and 3rd Saturdays.Baba Chitra Yatra to a devotee?s house on the day of Bhajans. 1st and 3rd Saturdays Bhajans in temple.Bhajan group will take care of taking picture to devotee house and bringing back.First come first serve base on the Bhajan requests. For details contact us.