Bhugarbha Vinyasa Puja

Bhugarbha Vinyasa Puja
Bhugarbha Vinayasa Puja was performed by our Vastu consultant Sri Niranjan Babu from Bangalore, on June 21st 2014 @9:05AM, Saturday at our new temple site in Plano

Bhugarbha Vinyasa is a process of venerating (and germinating) mother earth - Bhu Matha before a physical structure is built. This is the first step in the planning and construction of our new Shirdi Sai Temple.

The entire temple site is cleaned, tilled and all waste material like hair, bones are removed. A Peetha Mandala of certain specified measurement (16.5ftx16.5ft) is created in an identified space of the site with the help of rice flour, turmeric, kumkum and flowers. This mandala symbolizes the four panchabhootas (primary elements) in the four corner sectors viz., Water - Udaka - in the northeast, Fire - Agni- in the southeast, Space (akasha) in the southwest, Air (Vayu) in the northwest. The center module is the primary element earth.

The four cardinal sectors of the mandala - north (Kubera), east (Indra), South (Yama) and west (Varuna) symbolize the four vedas - Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva.

After Puja, different seeds that germinate are offered along with sweet porridge to the different sectors amidst prayers, music with the assistance of instruments, sound of conch, bells and mantras.

At the same time the nabhi of the total site is also identified where a similar act of germinating seeds takes place after the necessary puja. The process - offering the germinating seeds - is continued for several days.

The mandala area is barricaded and is taken care of for several months until the plants grow to a certain designated height. A cow and or a calf are then allowed to graze the area and eat the plants. The left over plants are ploughed back into the soil. Temple volunteers, devotees and several 'matajis' were each assigned with particular tasks and a priest is encouraged to actively involve in this very auspicious event.

The process primarily induces fertility into the sacred soil on which the temple comes up. In a way this is the creation of a metaphysical foundation for the temple of divinity and assists in the successful completion of the temple construction process. The healthy growth of the plants is in a way indicative of the smooth construction process later. The people involved in the Bhugarbha Vinyasa activity should primarily take the responsibility of seeing that the plants grow healthy and long.

This Bhugarbha Vinyasa Puja was a special event that was done at our new temple site in Plano on Saturday 21st June 2014. Our Vastu consultant Sri Niranjan Babu from Bangalore orchesterated this event along with Priest Narasimha ji. This is the first step before a formal Bhumi Puja is done later this year.

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